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How to remove virus :delete completely from PC

Introduction Of is a browser hijacker. This is generally caused due to download of bundled free software from untrusted sources. Once is installed, it will first attack… Read more »

how to remove virus from PC:quick manual removal guide

Getting irritated by redirection issues?? Have you tried many manual methods to remove and it is still appearing all over again?? If your answer is “Yes”, then you… Read more »

How to manually remove Script.Exploit.Kit.D Trojan virus from PC

 Script.Exploit.Kit.D virus detail removal guide: Script.Exploit.Kit.D is a Trojan virus. once install it harm your PC severely.It give access to your user’s personal information like IP address,Bank login ID,password,Account number,and… Read more »

How to fully remove METRIKA.LOOKVISION.INFO virus from PC

 METRIKA.LOOKVISION.INFO hijacker introduction: METRIKA.LOOKVISION.INFO is a  browser hijacker. This redirect web page is created by hackers to earn money. If browser infected with this virus then,it changes your internet setting.and, redirect… Read more »

How to remove If you are 18+ tap Allow popup alert from PC

Want to remove “If you are 18+ tap Allow: popup alert ?Read below guide: If you are 18+ tap Allow is a  fake popup advertisement.It flash on user’s screen again… Read more »