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How to remove rsWqkZeuaRp.dll virus from task manager of PC

rsWqkZeuaRp.dll virus detail study: rsWqkZeuaRp.dll is an unwanted malicious program.This program is a component of Oyayubi Shift Keyboard Class Driver.It bundled with various types of free software,Its infection is not… Read more »

How to manually remove WindowsCodecsSetup.exe virus from PC

 WindowsCodecsSetup.exe  virus easy removal guide: WindowsCodecsSetup.exe is  an unwanted application that runs on background of PC.It create its own file in task manager and hamper registry entries.This virus enters through spam… Read more »

How to remove STEAM_API.DLL virus from PC:quick uninstall guide

Having a tough time in getting rid of STEAM_API.DLL issues?? Have you tried many manual methods to remove STEAM_API.DLL and it is still appearing all over again?? If your answer is… Read more »