Monthly Archives: February 2017

AvLaunch.exe virus quick manual removal steps(complete uninstall guide)

AvLaunch.exe Virus Introduction. AvLaunch.exe is  a legal program.It is not a virus but many hackers use the name of  AvLaunch program for generating revenue.It is actually a component of AVLaunch Application…. Read more »

aswidsagenta.exe virus clean completely (manually)from PC

What is aswidsagenta.exe ? aswidsagenta.exe is a dangerous threat.It is an avast! Identity Protection Service. and you have to give up your documents when you restart the system.This threat collect user’s personal information… Read more »

Trojan: Win32/Chuckenit.A virus delete permanently from PC

Having a tough time in getting rid of Trojan: Win32/Chuckenit.A issues?? Have you tried many manual methods to remove Trojan: Win32/Chuckenit.A and it is still appearing all over again?? If your… Read more »