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After getting positive responses from our partner sites:- TotalSystemSecurity.com and Immuneyourpc.com, we have understand that fact that it is a very delicate matter to spread the knowledge of malware attacks happening in the world of cyber security. In our previous blogs, we tried to focus only on PC security, but now we have come with a diversified and enhanced knowledge of all kind of OS and Android vulnerabilities that could pose risk to your privacy.

We at ‘Booturpc.com’ will not only make you aware of the vulnerabilities but will guide you proper benchmarks which can ensure your online safety. We will always try out best to put the up-to-date data so that the viewers / readers can get maximum benefit out of the articles. And we would like to hear from you as your feedback and will put on our extra effort to provide you as much as possible.

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BootUrPC Recommends You the Top Rated Security Products

At ‘booturpc.com’, we have evaluated lot’s of Antivirus/Antimalware products on various platforms. And now we are glad to present you the some of the best among them which can fight against all the latest threats to see possible impact and solution to get rid of such attacks.

SRecommendedproduct_spyhunterpyHunter Security Suite is developed by “West Cost Labs Checkmark Certification” which is one of the strong anti-malware/antivirus tool for any kind of attacks on your computer. It provides a real-time security  which can scan the operating system, detect existing malware and provide reliable removal services. The anti-spyware program has been developed to aid every computer user with the day-to-day protection of the operating system. Therefore, even if you have never used anti-malware tools before, there is no doubt that you will have no trouble installing and using SpyHunter. As soon as you install the application onto the computer you can stop worrying about your virtual protection because the program will shield the system against all threats and will warn you about infections which may have been running on the PC long before the SpyHunter download.


SpyHunter 4 Key Features

Malware Protection

Detect, remove and block spyware, rootkits, adware, keyloggers, cookies, trojans, worms and other types of malware.

Compact OS

The integrated SpyHunter Compact OS aids in the removal of rootkits and other stubborn malware infections.

System Guards

System Guards will identify and stop any processes that attempt to secretly auto-start malware entries by exploiting the Windows registry.


The exclusions feature allows you to exclude certain programs from being detected in future SpyHunter scans.

One-On-One Customer Support

SpyHunter includes the Spyware Helpdesk: an interactive one-on-one customer support solution designed to handle any issues that SpyHunter is not able to automatically solve.

Latest Malware Definition Updates

Daily malware definition updates ensure complete protection from the latest malware threats.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to use interface with intelligent automatic protection.

Custom Malware Fixes

Custom malware fixes specific to your computer’s spyware problems. SpyHunter’s Spyware HelpDesk creates a diagnostic report that is analyzed by our technicians, and an automated custom fix generated from the report is sent back to you via SpyHunter.

Click here to Download SpyHunter Security Suite Software


Follow these easy Steps to Download spyhunter Antivirus suite

Note:- With the free user’s version of spyhunter, you will only be able to remove the prevailing threat, in order to get full real time protection against malware attacks don’t hesitate to register with the license key. It is worth spending one-time than losing all your personal files, online records and financial data.

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MackeeperMackeeper- is a complete security suite for Mac users that secures and optimizes a system to give it a smooth performance. If you have Mackeeper installed on your MAC computer you are rest assured of any deformity and junks and potentially unwanted programs attacking your PC. It is a one time investment for securing the privacy of your PC. As we are living in a digital world and our personal computer is the most integral stuff for all of us. Thus in any case, we won’t like our personal information being mislead by any outsider.



  • Human Assistance-Every MacKeeper™ User Has 24/7 Access To Apple Certified Support Professionals. Your personal assistant has the solution for your technical problem, whether it is a minor annoyance or a catastrophic failure.
  • Cleaning– MacKeeper™ removes junk files, uninstalls unneeded apps, and cleans your Mac’s RAM without putting any personal files at risk.
  • Performance– Reduce the boot time of your Mac with advanced and easy-to-use optimization tools.
  • Data Control– Finds important data, Assigns task, Recover corrupt files and Backup all in one suite.
  • Privacy– Make your personal information invisible to other users and even make it disappear completely so that it can never be recovered.
  • Security– With MacKeeper™, you can rest assured that your Mac is protected from internet threats and real-life thieves.

Download Mac Keeper Now

  • Click to download Mackeeper for your MAC computerdownload_chrome_en
  • Double click to the download file and run it.downloadscreen_9_2_en
  • click on One-Click Scan from the left menu of the Mackeeper applicationPicture of Select files for removal
  • Choose the files you want to remove by using tools Quick look and Check/uncheck. Once finished checking click to remove.

Buy the full version to get activation key for all time protection and all features of Mackeeper.

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